Understanding Wedding Photography Contracts

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The Luminari wants to address all your concerns and queries on their prewedding photography and wedding photography as well as their wedding photography packages. Here are some of the frequently asked questions and their corresponding answers.


Do I get the rights to all images?


Yes and no. You will get the rights you need. This concerns the question of copyright and printing release. Although you are paying for the services of a photographer, the images you receive are not technically yours. The photographer will not hand you the images’ copyright as this will always belong to the photographer. However, you might be buying the printing rights. It means that even if the photographer has the ownership over the rights to images, he will give you allowance to make copies or prints at your chosen establishments.


These are my own images. I was the one who paid for them so why can’t I edit them exactly how I want them to look?


Now that these are not really your images, it only goes to say that you might not be allowed to edit the photos on your own. This means that editing cannot be done even on the social media sites like Instagram. You only get the right to print the pictures as is without making any changes.


If my photographer has a last minute emergency and fails to make it to my wedding, what will happen then?


As professionals in the field of prewedding photography and wedding photography, The Luminari has an extensive array of trustworthy network of colleagues that we can call on in times of emergency situations. Contrary to common belief, when a photographer fails to attend wedding in cases of emergency, the funds will not be generally returned to the client. Your photographer will secure the services of alternative (equivalent standard or even better) professional photographer that will stand in for them during the wedding.


We had to cancel the wedding. What happens to my money?


In general, when the wedding has been cancelled close to your wedding date, any funds that you previously paid to your photographer might no longer be recovered. This is because the money has already been used for purchasing the items needed for your wedding and settling all the payments and expenses relate to it. Should the wedding be rescheduled to a different date, we at The Luminari will try to become available on this new date. We also understand that emergencies can happen that might urge them to change the wedding date.


Do we require full payment prior to our wedding date?


Yes, this is a standard in the field. The full balance can be paid anywhere from 30 to 60 days prior to the wedding. This is for the photographer’s lead time, especially for destination weddings. This gives them the chance to plan their travels in advance and make the necessary reservations and address other concerns.


What are the deliverables?


For actual day weddings, all photos will be returned in jpeg highest resolution uploaded in our cloud storage for clients to view and download. Our company is going green and we try as much as possible to reduce our impact on the environment. For pre wedding shoots, we too return all jpeg in high resolution uploaded in our cloud storage. We do offer enlarge photo prints, wedding album printing and design for a charge. Our charges includes color grading of the photos with the correct ICC for the correct printer on top of our already calibrated color profile on our monitor to ensure the correct digital quality be sent to the correct professional printers.  Engaging the printing services of Kodak, Harvey Norman or Fujifilm photoshops, while it is cheaper, does not do justice to our artwork.


The Luminari always gives our best shot in all our prewedding and wedding photography services but we advise our clients to keep these things in mind and talk to us for any further clarifications and questions. To view our wedding photography packages for local and Overseas, please click on the link.

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