Tips to Making Your Overseas Wedding Photography a Success

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Tips to Making Your Overseas Wedding Photography a Success

If you’ll ask couples who have been married for years, they’ll likely tell you that capturing every precious moment on your wedding day is very important. Having a compilation of your wedding pictures makes it easier to relive over and over all the laughter, the romance, and even the bloopers of your big day as the years pass. In addition, you’d only be too eager to show your wedding album to your grandchildren and the rest of the clan later in your golden years.


The Challenge of Traditional Wedding Photography


There was a time when wedding photo shoots were done the traditional way – using several rolls of film and a camera. After the pictures are shot, the photographer develops the film negatives into hard copies of the shots, and in turn, the married couple places the photographs in photo albums for posterity’s sake.

The process was not only tedious but it was also challenging. In what way? Well, there’s no guarantee that the actual pictures would remain untouched by elements no matter how much the couple takes care of them. Moreover, once the negatives are damaged, it would be impossible to make new copies of the pictures.

Fortunately, digital photography came about, making it so much easier to take, reproduce, and preserve wedding pictures.


The Dawn of Modern Wedding Photography


Modern wedding photo shoots are done using digital cameras and other innovative gadgets and equipment. Hard copies of the pictures are only made available upon request; otherwise, couples get a link to an online album where they’ll see all of their pictures. The process seems complicated, but the benefits are immense. Since copies of the picture are digital, you’re guaranteed that the pictures stay stored in a cloud server somewhere and kept safe for as long as there is Internet.

Thankfully, modern wedding photography sources are easy to find nowadays, with some even offering overseas pre wedding photography packages. How, though, can you prepare for an overseas wedding photo shoot? Here are a few tips:

  1. Choose a theme for the overseas photo shoot. That way, your photographer would have an idea what props to prepare, what type of gowns and suits to prepare, and what approach he would take to make the shoot successful.
  2. Choose a photographer who would not put a limit on the date or location of the shoot. Given that it would take place overseas, the photographer should consider travel time and logistics, not hurrying up the shoot and risk making the end product look paltry.
  3. Choose a photographer that suit your style and do not charge for any hidden cost. Wedding photo shoot packages are now available, so make sure to choose the best package wisely. More often than not, packages include transit fees, costumes or gowns, accessories, props, etc.
  4. Finally, choose a photographer who can give sound pieces of advice as far as the shoot’s itinerary goes and you felt comfortable working with. That way, during the shoot, the stress of researching for locations and planning is lifted off your shoulders. 
  5. In addition, some elements in the picture may be enhanced later on through Photoshop means. If the photographer suggests to add such later on, it would be a good idea to acquiesce since he knows about the tricks of the trade better than you do.


These are just five tips to make your overseas wedding photography memorable and successful.

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