How to Take Good Wedding Ring photo

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How to Take Good Wedding Ring Pictures

More than the vows exchanged before God and man, one of the most fitting symbols of a man and woman’s union is the wedding rings. It binds them together, and as long as the rings are on their fingers, they are reminded of the promises they made on their wedding day – to love, cherish, honor, and respect for as long as they both live.


That’s probably one of the reasons why most photographers always include a shot or two of the wedding rings (and the woman’s engagement ring, too!) in his collection of wedding photography portfolio. Nevertheless, taking beautiful pictures of the wedding rings can be tricky. That’s because you need to keep several things in mind. For one, you need to choose a good backdrop for the shot. Moreover, rings are made of metal, which is reflective. This means the rings would reflect everything in the surrounding – trees, people, a chair, and even the camera itself – unless you get a good angle and lighting.


Tips to Take Good Wedding Ring Shots

There are two elements to taking awesome wedding ring shots – the gear and the setup. As mentioned previously, wedding rings are reflective. Hence, you need something you can use to take pictures of the wedding rings at close range, as this would result in the least reflection.


Truth be told, it’s the skill of the photographer that would make a huge difference when doing wedding ring photography. Nevertheless, it doesn’t hurt to have the right gear. If you’re a photographer who’s just starting to invest in photography gear, it would be a good idea to get the following:

  • Macro lens (a 100mm one would do)
  • A small reflector with a white side or black side.
  • Off camera flash with remote triggers
  • Led lights
  • a tray/paddle of water

Here’s the thing, though: getting a macro lens is optional. “Then why get one,” you’d probably say. Well, it’s hard to get close to your subject using a standard lens. Wedding rings are small; as much as possible, you want to be closer in order to fill up the frame. Macro lenses are designed for shooting at close range, which is why it’s advisable to invest in it.


Now here are the things you need to keep in mind when setting up the shot, as well as when taking the pictures:

  1. Backdrop matters a lot. Look for one that’s simple and textured. A small bunch of flowers, a lace handkerchief, or even pebbles will do. If you decide to add design elements, make sure the objects are small. Otherwise, the rings could be “eaten up”, and you miss the point of the photography session, which is to take beautiful shots of the rings.
  2. Set up your flash in such a way that, when your assistant holds and points it on the reflector (white side), the light would bounce off the reflector and onto the rings. Doing this would create a big and soft light source. Here’s a tip: smaller light sources make for harsher shadows while bigger light sources (used with a reflector) create softer light.
  3. Set your focus, shoot, and then make adjustments. Trial and error works here. Take a test shot, see the result, and then make necessary adjustments until you get the best and desired results.

Those are just three practical tips to keep in mind when shooting wedding ring pictures.


For more advanced wedding photographers, we did a composite photo. First we take photos of splashes of water and the wedding rings in a darkroom (sometimes we use the toilet and switch off all the lights) with either a LED light or flash, manual focusing is highly recommended. We then proceed to combine 2 to 3 photos together using Adobe Photoshop. We hereby present to you our wedding ring photo.




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