Japan Prewedding Shoot Osaka Kyoto

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Our Japan Prewedding Love Travelog



Thank you for the kind comments from our couples. We didn’t know our photographer can manage the wild deer too. Enjoy our signature edit below follow by our Osaka and Kyoto Travelog!



Love Travelog to Japan


Kansai International Airport


We reach KIX from Singapore airport. KIX is a very tourist friendly airport with good signage to guide us to buy our prepaid cards, train tickets and direction to the train transfer.

Taking transfer train to Kyoto

We always love to admire the vending machines in Japan. They are full of surprises with a variety of comfort snacks and drinks.

With our tickets we took the train from Osaka to Kyoto!



We checked-in into our Airbnb, near Inari Station, It was extremely clean and cosy, the usual highly acclaimed Japanese hospitality.



On the first day we went over to rent a couple of Japanese kimono shoot. Because of the typhoon, there was no crowd and no shop was opened . The temple also did’t allow anyone to go in.



Fushimi Inari Taisha

Since nothing was opened we went to explore around Inari.



Day 1 The calm before the storm. Despite of Typhoon Trami, we managed to get great photos with amazing couples.


The rain came and made the shoot extra beautiful and romantic ❤️

大雨大风中完成任务 ☔️




The bamboo forest was awesome, the scenery and the atmosphere really make for an awesome experience. Do not miss relaxing by the river at the bottom of the hill. The forest is just a walk through but stunning and worth the journey to visit.

We reached Arashiyama very early in the morning. There were very little tourist there and we enjoyed our shoot there.

If we came a little later, you can see the crowd above.



Great photo comes first no matter how hard it gets.


After the shoot, we walked around, not forgeting the amazing Japanese food!


After food we went marketing.


奈良公園 -Nara Park

One of the most beautiful places we saw. Being able to see and feed a deer it’s priceless. Totally recommended.


Ninenzaka, Kyoto

The beautiful ancient street of Sannenzaka Ninenzaka leading to the Yasaka Tower was well preserved. It felt as if we had traveled back in time.

Lucky for us, the weather was good and we managed have a good shoot at Ninenzaka.

二年板 拍摄,天气很好,而且拍了一些夜景




We went to the Osaka castles and shot 2 couple together. We got the grooms to be our assistant on this rainy day.


Dotonbori Street, Osaka


Dotonbori has a bustling streetscape. The narrow streets are packed with crowds to the brim. All the shop fronts have bright, flashing and colorful displays trying to get your undivided attention. After finishing the whole shoot, we went to Dotondori of course! Never forgetting that Osaka is a food haven with hundreds of food stalls preparing and selling sizzling delicacies along Dotonbori River.




Not forgetting to get our fun shots with our couples together



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